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Wayback from Tumblr - Prince Henry's Odyssey

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Official Name: His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales 

Fullname: Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales 

Nicknames: Harry, GKH (Good King Harry), Barry, Spike, the Spare, Little Spencer 

He uses the name Harry Wales during his military career. 

He is allowed to use Wales, Mountbatten-Windsor or Windsor as his surnames. He mostly uses Wales as his father is the Prince of Wales. 

Birth Info: September 15, 1984; 4:20PM BST; @ St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London, UK 

Zodiac: Virgo, Year of the Water Rat 

He is the second son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. 

He was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Robert Runcie on the 21st of December 1984 in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, 

He has one older brother, Prince William and two step siblings from his stepmother. 

Through his father’s royal ancestors, Harry is of German, English and Scottish descent. On his a mother’s side of the family, Harry is of English descent and of remote German, Irish, Scottish and British-American descent. 

Harry is a male line descendant of Elimar I, Count of Oldenburg, and as such a member of the House of Oldenburg, one of Europe’s oldest royal houses. 

Diana called him "My little Spencer" because his red hair comes from her family. 

Harry’s godparents are Prince Andrew, Duke of York; Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones; Lady Vestey; Mrs William Bartholomew; Bryan Organ; and Gerald Ward. 

The Prince of Wales told crowds outside that his second son had ''pale blue eyes'' and hair of ''a sort of indeterminate colour''. 

As a youngster, Harry was only called ''Henry'' when he had been ''very, very naughty'', Charles once revealed. 

At Highgrove, the family's country estate, Harry had a lop-eared rabbit. 

Harry studied at Mrs. Jane Mynor's Nursery then went for his pre-prep in Wetherby School. He then attended Ludgrove School and entered Eton College after. 

Harry played a goblin in his first Christmas play. The next year, he had a speaking role as a shepherd. 

Because of his September birthday, Harry was just seven when he went to Ludgrove boarding school in 1992. 

He was only 12 when his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a Paris car crash in 1997. 

Harry stayed an extra year at Ludgrove the year of his mother's death. But it had been planned before then so that he would enter Eton at 14 instead of 13. 

He struggled with academics and with comparisons with his brother, but he worked off his anger on the sports field and in the Drawing Schools, where he painted. 

Prince Harry also performed as Conrade in a school performance of Much Ado About Nothing. 

Harry's military career began during his third year at Eton, when he signed up for the Combined Cadet Force. He reached the highest rank of Cadet Officer by his last year. 

Harry faced a tribunal at Eton after being accused of having someone write part of his coursework for his A levels. He was also accused of not doing his own painting/art project. A full investigation determined that he was innocent. 

Harry graduated from Eton with two A-levels: a B in Art and a D in Geography. 

He visited Australia, Lesotho, Argentina during his gap year. 

During his gap year in Australia, Prince Harry worked at a Queensland ranching station as a jackaroo. 

He visited Argentina to play polo. It was cut short due to an injury. 

Damian West (brother of actor Dominic West) arranged for him to go to Lesotho, Africa, to work with children orphaned by AIDS. There he befriended the Crown Prince Seeiso, with whom he's since founded Sentebale, the charity to help the country's children. 

Harry went to Lesotho in southern Africa and volunteered at an AIDS orphanage. While there he made a documentary “The Forgotten Kingdom – Prince Harry in Lesotho’’ to highlight the plight of the orphans. 

On his 18th birthday, he asked for the money made from the sale of his birthday photos be donated to charity. 

When he turned 18 in 2002, The Queen gave him his own Coat of Arms. 

While preparing for Sandhurst, Harry took English Rugby Football Union coaching qualifications and worked with the Rugby Football Union as an Assistant Rugby Development Officer. He helped coach in five different schools. 

Aside from being a rugby development officer, he worked in a farm to learn about land management. 

He entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in May 2005 and went on to become a Second Lieutenant in the Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals). 

When he was 21, the Prince set up his Sentebale charity in memory of his mother to help Aids orphans in Lesotho, Southern Africa. 

At the age of 21, Prince Harry was appointed as a Counsellor of State replacing his uncle Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. 

After Harry attended Sandhurst military academy for two years, everyone considered letting him serve in the war essential to his personal development. Harry joined the Household Cavalry, whose purpose is reconnaissance, as a Second Lieutenant in April 2006. When the press figured out where his first deployment to Iraq would be, the military pulled him out, and Harry was pissed. Finally, they figured out a way of getting him out to the trenches in Afghanistan during Operation Herrick in 2007 without the press discovering him. He managed to serve a whole 10 weeks that way until an Australian newspaper blew his cover. 

On 5 May 2008, Princess Anne presented Harry and his unit, the Household Cavalry Regiment, with the Operational Service Medal for their time in Afghanistan. 

On 6 January 2009, Prince Harry and his brother had their own offices set up at St James’s Palace. Prior to this, their business was dealt with by their father’s office at Clarence House. 

Prince Harry was presented with his flying brevet (wings) by his father, on 7 May 2010. 

Harry who was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2011 

Everyone in the British military has been very impressed with Harry's piloting abilities, calling him an "instinctive flyer." It is considered a great honor to be chosen to fly Apache helicopters, and of the 20 in his training course, he was awarded the best copilot gunner trophy. 

Harry served in Afghanistan for the second time as an Apache Pilot between September 2012 and January 2013. 

After his last deployment, he took a Staff Officer role in HQ London District and helps co-ordinate commemorative events involving the Army. 

Harry's bedside manner with wounded soldiers is legendary. Here's a message he left for one man he visited who was in a coma: "For God's sake, mate. Came to see you and what were you doing? You were kipping." 

Prince Harry is patron of several charities: Dolen Cymru, Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, London Marathon Charitable Trust, MapAction, Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football Union Injured Players Foundation, Rugby Football Union All Schools Programme, Sentebale, Walking with the Wounded, The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, WellChild, The HALO Trust, 100 Women in Hedge Fund and Invictus Games. 

While walking with a team of wounded vets to the North Pole on the Walking with the Wounded project, Harry brought along a giant ice cream cake to share. 

Prince Harry is a fan of Arsenal football club. 

Favorite food: Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognse, Burger Sliders, and Roast Beef. 

Harry has a keen interest in botany and enjoys studying flowers. 

One of his favorite films is Zulu. It's a 1964 film about a battle in the Anglo-Zulu War in Southern Africa in 1879. 

Prince Harry's favorite animated movies are The Lion King and Finding Nemo. 

Harry fell in love with Africa that winter. He accompanied his father to Botswana and South Africa, where he met Nelson Mandela... and the Spice Girls. 

Prince Harry can paint. 

Prince Harry was said to have taken her mother engagement ring as a memento after her death in 1997. 

Favourite Game: Card against humanity 

He has joined Chelsea Flower Show twice - 2013 and 2015. 

He's a sportsman and plays polo, rugby, and football. He also loves to ski. 

He has championed te Invictus Games in 2014. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is his full name? 

His full name is Henry Charles Albert David. 

What is his surname? 

Royals don't use surnames but they use the name of their house or dukedom. So in Prince Harry's case, he uses Wales since his father is the prince of Wales. He may also use Windsor as this is the name of their house. In addition to that, he may also use Mountbatten-Windsor. The name Mountbatten is of his grandfather and at the time, it was debated whether the family will be allowed to use it. The agreement stipulated that it can be used alongside HM the Queen's surname which is Windsor. Such as the case of his brother Prince William, when he marries, the Queen will give him a dukedom and whatever that may be, he and his family will be able to use that as their surname. 

What is his job? 

Being a royal is already a job. But in the case of the Wales brothers, they were given an opportunity to actually seek for a personal job. Prince Harry took a military career and after 10 years in service, he left the army. He will be looking for a private job in the next months. 

Is he single? 

According to the latest interview (May 2015), he is single. But in this blog we wont be taking part in all those speculations. Please read our blog info regarding our position on this aspect of his life.

How can we contact Prince Harry? 

Enquiries relating to The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or Prince Harry: 
Clarence House, London SW1A 1BA 
Tel: (+44) (0)20 7930 4832 

Enquiries relating to the Royal residences or art collection: 
Royal Collection Press Office/ Public Relations and Marketing 
York House,St James's Palace, London SW1A 1BQ 
Telephone (+44) (0)20 7839 1377 

Where does he live? 

It was wrongly reported that he now stays at Nottingham Cottage where Prince William and his family stayed. As reported in The Sunday Times, Buckingham Palace spokesperson said there were ‘no plans’ for him to move from his one-bedroom flat in Kensington Palace. He also used to live in his military base; however after retiring from the military, he can no longer stay in any base. Aside from these, he stays in Balmoral Castle and Highgrove when he visit Scotland and his father's country home. 

How tall is he? 

He is said to be 6'2. 

Does he own social media accounts? 

According to the rumors, he used to have a facebook account under the name Spike Wells. He also told the reporters during his visit in Brazil that he has a twitter account under a psuedonym to keep track of what people, particularly reporters, says about him. Currently, there are rumors that he also has an Instagram. 

Did he go to the frontlines 

Yes, he was deployed twice. The first happened in December 2007 and he was in the frontlines for 10 weeks. The second deployment happened in September 2012 to January 2013. He served as an Apache pilot. 

Does he have Patronages? 

Yes. He both founded a charity and is a patron of several more. He also holds position as President or Honorary President for several of his Patronages. At the moment, he has 12 official patronages and 3 additional patronages in which he involved himself in certain projects like expeditions and anniversary appeals. 

Where is he now in his life? 

He just retired from the military and is currently focusing on his charities, patronages and seeking new opportunities for growth. In July 2015, he will be leaving for Africa and get himself involve in conservation programs. 

WAYBACK again: About Prince William & Prince Harry from the defunct Team Highgrove Website (2002/2003ish)

Girls: The Guide

In the mass chaos of who is who and where did she come from, here's brief guide to all the girls the media has linked William and Harry too. Remember...most of this stems from tabloid gossip columnists, but we've tried to include some facts (most of which dismiss most of the tabs ramblings). Yes, there is also a great deal of sarcasim =) It just shows how wrong the media really can be. The truth is both of the princes are way to smart too let the media know about a girlfriend.

1995 - Rumors circulated that William fell for Zara Simmonds, granddaughter of Earl of Ranfurly. He met Zara while at Ludgrove School in 1993. They vacationed together as the guests of a mutual friend and were later spotted kissing at a dance in 1996. However, he relationship was doomed. Zara, who was 14 at the time, thought William, who was 12, was just too young.

1999 - In March, the tabloids declared William was "besotted" by Emma Parker-Bowles, the niece of Camilla Parker-Bowles, despite an 8 year age gap. A close friend of Emma, a former model, dismissed the rumors saying that there was nothing "improper about their friendship" and that they were just "special friends". A month later the tabloids had decided that Emma was out and Laura Parker-Bowles, Camilla's daughter, was in. William was said to have been the guest-of-honor at her 21st birthday party. July saw Laura being outted and replaced by billionaire Richard Branson's 17-year-old daughter, Holly Branson. Charles was said to quite approve of Holly, who was a frequent guest at Highgrove. Or not. Holly had met William...when they were babies...but that was it.

Later in July 1999, William made a huge splash at the Cartier International Polo match. The papers went completely wild...he sat at a table with--brace yourself for it--girlsTamara Vestey, then 23, sat on his right. Tamara is the niece of beef baron Lord Samuel Vestey and his wife Celia also happens to be Prince Harry's godmother. Katharine Bearman, then 24, was in attendance. She is the daughter of Lloyd's broker Garth Bearman. Unfortunately, if William did have eyes for her, he was a little late. She married James Fowler, who was also there although never mentioned in the papers, a short time later. The daughter of the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire--Lady Katherine Howard, then 23--was also there. However, the papers were more intrigured with William's conversation with Alexandra Aitken, daughter of shamed ex-Tory MP Jonathan Aitken. Spectators were later tell the press that she was more eager to be pictures with him than the other way round.

If the media had fun with William's Cartier showing, then the cruise he took with Charles and Harry in August 1999 was cause for even more. Quickly dubbed the "love boat", William supposedly invited along six girls (the papers once again forgot to mention the other boys that were also on board). They included Davina Duckworth-Chad. The papers were only too happy to announce that Davina, the daughter of a wealthy Norfolk landowner, had received the royal stamp of approval. Of course, it might also been of interest that Davina was a student at Bristol University...along with another cruise goer William van Cutsem. Hmm... Other members of the cruise included Laura Fellowes, daughter of Princess Diana's sister Jane, Laura Parker-BowlesEmelia d'Erlanger, whose relationship with the princes would make headlines a couple years later, and Mary Forestier-Walker.

In October of that year, former society It-girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson took it upon herself to reveal in an interview with Tatler that she had not slept with Prince William...although nobody was even saying that. She said: "The mother of all rumours concerned Prince William and me. It has been reported that I was in the Meadows not for my cocaine addiction, but because I had slept with him. This is so far from the truth." November saw the gossipy tv show Extra pairing William, then 17, with Charlotte Grimaldi, the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, then 13. But unless William feels like giving up the throne for Charlotte, who happens to be Catholic, don't count on this one.

The end of 1999 spawned the beginning of the Britney Spears rumor. The Daily Record printed an article that said they had begun writing to each other when Britney heard William was a fan. She sent him an autographed CD and some photographs of herself. A friend of Britney's said: "The next thing you know William was writing back, sending her a thank you note and [a] party invite. When she declined because she has another commitment, he invited her to telephone him when she's in Britain because he'd like to take her out on the town." And the singer had reportedly told friends: "I'm definitely taking him up on his offer. It should be a lot of fun."

2000 - Ah, what started in 1999 only grew in 2000. In the first of many contradictory statements, Britney Spears said in a January 2000 online chat, "I think Prince William is very cute, but I have never met him so I wouldn't say I actually fancied him." Days later she told a magazine that she preferred older men--in particular, former ER hunk George Clooney. The pop princess admitted once again that Prince William was also "kinda cute" but said he couldn't compare to Gorgeous George. Britney then said she still had plans to meet Prince William the next time she was in Britain but she warned that there would be no love affair. Which didn't appear to leave William too upset as The Sunday People printed an article the same week about his fling with a "stunning" 22-year-old waitress. "Beautiful blonde barmaid Annaliese Asbjornsen Prince William swept her off her feet on a night of romantic 'dirty dancing'. Smitten Wills put his arms around Annaliese and pulled her close as the couple cuddled and smooched together into the small hours. Then the handsome prince looked deep into her eyes and told her: "I think you are absolutely gorgeous." Or so they said. When VG magazine showed up with the article in hand, Annaliese was shocked. "What? This is absolutely savage. It is correct in that Prince William was in attendance last Wednesday, but I neither greeted him or talked with him," she said. Oh, it also turned out she was 33...

In February, Britney Spears told People that she while was not meeting up with William for Valentine's, but was e-mailing him. This revelation obviously incited Christina Aguilera. A Canadian tab reported that she's told friends that William wasn't really her type, but that she didn't like that idea of her rival Spears having him. That and she was quite upset with Britney taking all the good publicity stunts... Actually, Christina--unlike a certain someone else--took it upon herself to clear up rumors about her and Prince William. She slammed them both in the tabloid The Sun and on her website saying she never had met him, contacted him, or sent him anything.

Perhaps sensing the whole pop princess/Queen of England scenario was a little to out there, tabloids decided to focus on someone a little more appropriate and the lucky girl was Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, a student at Edinburgh University. A family friend said: "I know she and Prince William are very good friends and she is on the royal social list. She is very delicate, demure and discreet, just the sort of woman a king would want to marry." One slight cloud on the horizon was that Isabella was apparently already dating someone. "She met a second-year student last October, just after she came to Edinburgh," the friend said. "He's well connected himself and quite a good catch. An eligible bachelor." February ended in a blur of Britney then Isabella headlines...from Britney buying a house near Highgrove to the revelation that Isabella hadn't even met Prince William.

As exciting as February was, March 2000 also had it's moments.  Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was back with another announcement. She said and I quote it was "complete bullsh*t" that she had ever flashed her breasts at either of the two princes. Britney Spears told the TV show Entertainment Tonight that she couldn't comment on her relationship with Prince least until ten days later when she told another reporter, "The chances of me dating him are still slim. I can't see me going on a real date with him." The month also saw Isabella AGC's father filing a complaint with the Press Complaints Commision.

In April 2000, William and Harry went on their annual ski trip to Klosters. There they were photograhed with Violet von Westenholz, then 16, and her sister Violet, then 13. Palace officials said that the girls had been there by coincidence and had been invited to ski with the royals. At the end of April, Britney Spears was back *again*. "[Prince William] is sweet, but I don't like castles," Britney Spears told the German weekly Bunte. "I want to be able to just take a subway to Greenwich Village to go and eat a hamburger. Maybe I'm a screwball, but I'm no princess." Well, she said it first.

Another month, another singer. In May, the tabloids reported that William had fallen for Natalie Imbruglia...much to the dismay of her boyfriend. Supposedly, they had met a club. We reckon the tabs didn't like Natalie too much because they soon soured on her in favor of Alice Ferguson, then 19. Alice, the daughter Major Ron Ferguson and his second wife (yes, that means she is Fergie's--Prince Andrew's ex--half-sister), was to attend Edinburgh University and study art history...the same as William. Too bad he wasn't even going there... A planned meeting between Prince William and Britney Spears was ruined by a foxhunt, according to Britney's book 'Heart to Heart' which was released in May 2000. The meeting was described as a potential fairy tale romance until Britney turned up for their appointment at Buckingham Palace and found the Prince was still away on a hunt. "Prince William is a big fan of Britney and we were invited to meet him. I couldn't stop squealing--can you imagine being invited to Buckingham Palace?" explains Lynne Spears, Britney's mother. "When we got there the Prince had been on a fox hunt all day and couldn't make it." Um, okay...

June 2000 was a hectic month. William turned 18 and left the cloistered existence that Eton College afforded him. The papers announced he was due to have a huge birthday celebration and splashed around the names of girls that they were sure were to be invited: Laura FellowesDavina Duckworth-ChadZara SimmondsLady Iona Douglas-Home, and Lady Katherine Howard. A new name was also thrown into the mix Alexandra Knatchbull, great-granddaughter of Lord Mountbatten and sister to William's Eton-mentor Nick Knatchbull. And what would a month be without Britney Spears? "I love that rumor [about me dating Prince William]," she told the Toronto Sun. "It was like, 'Thank God, there's a good rumor out there about me.' I was like, 'You can let that one go on.' Well, we did exchange e-mails. But it [the rumor] was like I was dating him or whatever."

In July 2000, William was spotted yaking it up with a mystery blonde at a polo match. It didn't take the papers long to figure out it was army officer's daughter Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke, then 22. While Natalie seemed to take the interest in her stride, her unexpected appearance in the morning papers proved quite a shock for her parents. Friends started phoning them to tell them of their daughter's royal encounter--which she had neglected to mention to them. Mum Rosemary said: "We're as surprised as anyone. My daughter went to London a week ago with friends to celebrate getting her degree and we haven't heard from her since." Asked if she knew of Natalie's friendship with William, she added: "I hadn't a clue. I haven't even had a chance to go and buy the papers. William spent nearly an hour chatting with Natalie at the Beaufort Club in Gloucestershire. She went into fits of laughter when he poked one of his male friends on the rear with a mallet." Natalie was said to have dated Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's younger brother, James.  Louisa Welby-Everard was also spotted at a polo match in his company.

Let's see...Britney, Christina, Natalie...ah, yes...Mandy Moore became the latest teen queen to join the fight for Prince William. "I'm happy to fight Britney Spears and Christina over him," the then 16-year-old said. "I don't know where they are but I'm ready. Ready to fight! Yes, I'm hoping to track down Prince William when I'm in the UK. Prince William probably doesn't even know who I am but it wouldn't bother me!" But enough with the's a girl who really did exchange e-mails with the prince, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton. August 2000 saw the papers speculating William was willing to follow Chelsea to Florence, Italy so he could study art and well...her. (As you know...William did not spend his gap year in Italy.)

The Daily Record, the same paper which started all this, reported that August that Buckingham Palace had asked pop star Britney Spears to "cool it" in her pursuit of Prince William. The teen idol had apparently been bombarding the Prince with notes, autographed pictures and, bizarrely, her CV. Officials feared her infatuation with Wills may have turned into an obsession and had been intercepting her little gifts and messages. Palace officials, the Daily Record said, had made a "polite and civil" request to Britney's entourage for the star to stop pursuing Wills. An official Buckingham Palace spokesman said: "It is not for us to comment, we never comment about gossip." The queit month of September only saw Prince Charles telling his staff to put an end to the Britney hogwash.

September was followed by October...and even less speculation of William's love life. Chaulk it up to the fact he was off in remote parts of Chile while on his gap year. However, it didn't completely stop the tabs who insisted that he preferred Christina to Britney saying, "Christina has a voice like an angel". Or Britney Spears for that matter. Perhaps in an attempt to save face, she told News of the World, "I really don't know where these stories come from. There were rumours that I e-mailed him, which isn't true."

The papers also decided to whip up a little gap year romance for William with pink-haired punk Tammy Trevena, who was also doing the Chile expedition. Tammy, who was on a Prince's Trust course at Swindon, wrote to her mum Bev in Redruth shortly after taking off from London. She scribbled: "William should be joining up with us in Santiago." But a few lines on she added: "God, William is on this plane with us. I didn't even realize. I can see the top of his head." And in postcard to a friend she called Wills "an all right kind of chap." Tammy wrote she had been getting funny looks in Chile due to her pink hair. Her mum said: "If she stands out in a crowd because of her hair then I am sure the prince won't miss her either." But by December, Tammy was out an American named Sarah was in. The tabloids said William had angered his father by hooking up with a 19-year-old girl from California, who he met on his 12-week expedition to Chile. A source said, "They spent a lot of time together. As William had several bodyguards with him around the clock, the palace was kept well aware of the romance. "The reports sent back to London refer to them hugging and kissing, spending long hours together in a tiny tent and walking hand in hand." The palace source added that Prince Charles was angry because William had told his bodyguards he'd sooner spend time with Sarah than return to Britain and University. "At the moment, Sarah is number one on his list of priorities."

Romance also seemed to be in the air for Prince Harry, who enjoyed a lunch date with a mystery blonde companion recently. The 16-year-old prince took his friend to watch a rugby match at the Blue Bar in the trendy London suburb of Chelsea. The pair then ate in a nearby restaurant before climbing into a chauffeur-driven car together. It was the first time Harry has been spotted out on the date. One onlooker commented: "Harry's girl was blonde and pretty. The two of them seemed to really enjoy each other's company." And although watching rugby may not be every girl's idea of a dream date, Harry's friend certainly didn't seem to mind. A royal insider said: "Girls have always adored William, but Harry seems to be coming into his own."

2001 - A new year and a new girl.  Lauren Bush, niece of President George W. Bush, is named William's newest e-mail buddy. The story goes that Lauren left her photo just where she knew Prince William would find it...on the luxury yacht that he and Prince Charles would use to sail the Aegean Sea. When Lauren discovered that William and Prince Charles were due to be the boat's next visitors, she insisted on leaving a modeling portrait behind. The moment Wills found it he sensed the opportunity for a bit of teenage fun. He found Laurenís address and, in return, sent a picture of himself to her in America. Pals of Lauren said they tried to meet up on her visits to London but never managed it because Wills was at Eton, but that they regularly write each other letters and exchange flirty e-mails.

February equaled more Britney Spears. Prince William and Britney Spears were said to be gutted after Buckingham Palace banned them from going on a date. Only two days before they were due to meet in a London hotel, royal aides called the date off blaming leaks to the press. It has been claimed they had been e-mailing each other regularly. A palace source had told the Daily Star: "It had taken a lot of discussion between the two sides before it was eventually arranged for Britney and the Prince to have an intimate private meeting. It was absolutely top secret. Nobody could know. Then two days before the get-together the palace rang Britney's people and called it off, blaming leaks." Both William and Britney were said to be very disappointed. A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told Ananova: "We have absolutely nothing to say about today's reports. We've said everything we are going to say about the Prince and Britney Spears."

In March, Lauren Bush admitted she found William 'good-looking'. However, she denied ever sending the 18-year-old prince 'a sexy e-mail'. "I've never met him although I'm sure he's a really nice person," she said during the first full day of her visit to London to launch fashion clothing company Tommy Hilfiger's new collection. She added: "I'm not chasing after him. Our families are friends and I've heard a lot about him in the States but we're both in school and doing our own things. "I've never sent him a sexy e-mail. He is good looking."  Charlotte Church said she would like to marry Prince William. The 15-year-old soprano had even agreed to do a major show, in the hope of meeting the heart-throb royal. However, she had no plans to contact the Prince via e-mail, like Britney Spears is said to have done. Church told Heat magazine: "He's the most eligible bachelor and he's very nice, but generally I don't go for blonds." As for an e-mail, she said: "What would I write? 'Hello Prince William, I'm Charlotte Church and I think you're rather fine'? If someone said that to me I'd think 'Freak, get away from me'." Also in March, the French magazine Pont Du Vue published pictures of Prince Harry with a girl they labeled his girlfriend.

In April, William really made headlines. He was spotted with a mystery blonde while holidaying at St. Geran Hotel in Mauritius. A follow vacationer videotaped the two skiing and boating etc. Palace officials said it was just a holiday friendship. Papers reported that the girl had indeed just been the daughter of a German couple who were also vacationing there. The royals stopped publication of the photos in Britain, but they were published in Australia. The pictures shown nothing, but some good, clean fun.

In May while he was in Kenya, William stayed at Lewa Downs as the guest of Will and Emma Craig. Also there was their teenaged daughter Jessica Craig. Papers reported that she and William spent a great deal of time together. When he returned home just before his 19th birthday in June, it was amidst sightings of Harry surrounded by blondes at a polo match. Two girls were identified as Lizzy Ward and Emma Lippiat. Days later Emma would once again be phtographed at a polo match...this time with William. Emma lives a short drive from Highgrove in Alderton, Wilts. A friend said: "She's a natural, unaffected girl who shares the princes' interests. She gets on with both of them and doesn't seem intimidated by the fact that they're royal."

In July 2001, Hear'Say singer Myleene Klass revealed she has a massive crush on Prince William - and wants to marry him. The star of the hit TV show Popstars is so desperate to date the dashing prince that she begged a royal photographer to pass on her home phone number. The 22-year-old told the journalist: "Please give my number to Prince William. I really fancy him. Tell him I want to be the next Queen." Myleene then told her stunned fellow band mates: "I think Prince William is gorgeous. We're going to get married."

Also in July, Prince Harry was photographed at a polo match with Emilia d'Erlanger. As you recall, she first came to the attention of royal watchers in 1999 when she joined a summer holiday cruise around the Greek islands, waggishly coined the "love boat". At the time, Emilia's mother, Elizabeth d'Erlanger, the sister of the 10th Viscount Exmouth and a regional director of Sotheby's, said Prince William was "a lucky young man" to have the company of the girls. Miss d'Erlanger, the youngest of five children, is William's age and they have a common interest in the history of art, having both taken the subject at A-level, she at Marlborough College, Wiltshire, and he at Eton. Her father Robin is a company director and a commercial pilot, and the family home is a country manor near Tiverton, Devon. William and Miss d'Erlanger met through mutual friends in 1998 and she has since been seen at several events attended by the royals. In January 2001, it was revealed that she was invited to spend the day shooting with the young princes and the Prince of Wales on his Duchy of Cornwall Hereford estate. August 2001 saw pictures of William in the company of Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke being published. German tabloids who first published the pictures did so with articles naming Natalie William's girlfriend. But according to a book released the same month by Christopher Anderson, the girl with the "inside-track" is Emilia D'Erlanger. Emilia is said to be going to St. Andrew's the same university as William.

Archival source:

Related, from Wattpad, about Harry's unique list of gal pals:

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A little bit Wayback plus Captions

December 2016
Gad Elmaleh paid a visit to his ex, Charlotte Casiraghi, at her Paris home. They had a brief chat about their son, Raphaël, but Charlotte had to run out, so as they are both coming out of her building....

"Charlotte, hold up, one quick sec, I need to ask a favor...."

"Gad, I'm already late, can you just send me a text or call me later?"

"One quick sec, Charlotte, won't take two minutes."

"I want to take the kid to the US for the weekend."
"Are you insane? Do you know who was just elected President over there?"

"What are you talking about? We're not going to the White House?"

"Oh really? Where are you going?"

"New York. Where else? I have a gig there."
"All right, I'm cancelling my appointment. We need to talk about this. Lunch?"

"Sure, but I really don't see how it's a big deal. It's not like I'm staying at Trump Tower."
"Geez, Gad, just give me a minute? I am texting the head of Gucci. I have to give an elaborate excuse for cancelling."

"I mean, even if I was staying at Trump Tower, it's not like the worst venue. The views of the city alone...."

"Gad, that's so not the point. Besides, this is my weekend to have him and I was planning to take him to Euro Disney. Andrea and Tats are in town with the kids. How often does that happen? I want my son to have a relationship with his cousins."

"He's my son too and if you want him to experience Disneyland the one in Anaheim is much better. It is the original, you know?"
"I mean, what kind of country elects someone like that? I mean, ok, Hillary Clinton, she has some problems, I get it, but Donald Trump? Really?"


"Let's do lunch at that place Pierre raved around, that serve that pizza with the olives and shrimps and sun-dried tomatoes."

"It's just around that corner, isn't it?"

"I think so. But, Charlotte...."

"Pierre said they drench it in feta cheese. I'm dying to try it."



"The owner is Marla Maples."

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WAYBACK: Diana, Princess of Wales

In the year before her death, the Princess was an active campaigner for a ban on the manufacture and use of land mines, visiting Angola and Bosnia as part of her campaign. In June 1997, the Princess addressed the Royal Geographical Society conference on this issue. Her love of children was also readily apparent in her charitable work.
Her son, the Duke of Cambridge, addressed the Royal Geographical Society on the issue of the illegal wildlife trade, on Tuesday, 14 May 2019.

WAYBACK: Prince William @ the Cartier International Polo Event in July 1999 (pictures) (commentary, including excerpted below)

"There is no sign of fusty old dad. Instead the prince is surrounded by beautiful people and, more particularly, beautiful women. They sip champagne, some of them smoke cigarettes. One of these beautiful people is Victoria Aitken, the daughter of a former minister who is serving time in Standford Hill Prison for perjury. Victoria talks to William, the shutters click, William smiles a more awkward smile. The palace is less pleased.
Two images, two days, same person - a discordant juxtaposition which reveals two distinct sides of the prince's emerging image: prince as high-bred jet-setter and prince as ordinary teenage lad. Buckingham Palace, St James's Palace, all those advisers and flunkies and back-room whisperers, have long struggled to control the public's view of the heir to the throne."
"So William went and his picture was everywhere. There was painstaking analysis of the seating plan for his table: Tamara Vestey, the 23-year-old niece of Lord Vestey (Who's Who entry reads Chairman of the Vestey Group, club: White's, interests: racing and fishing); Katharine Bearman, 24-year-old daughter of Garth Bearman (captain of the Old Harrovian polo team); Lady Katherine Howard, the 23-year-old daughter of the Earl of Suffolk (who owns 5,000 acres)."

Alternative archival link for above commentary:

WAYBACK: About Prince William and Prince Harry from the defunct Team Highgrove Website (2002/2003ish)

The Highgrove Set

Polo, horses, and country-life, make-up the core of what can be considered The Highgrove Set. Prince William and Prince Harry were introduced to the game of polo at a very young age; however, it was only about two years ago when they actively became involved. Both began playing players and watching (who can forget William's appearance at the 1999 Cartier Polo event?). William belongs to the Guards, Cirencester, Beaufort, and Schools polo associations while Harry is registered only at Cirencester and Guards. At the most recent ratings, William and Harry receive 0 goal handicaps.

Most of their polo play is based near Prince Charles' country home Highgrove which is just a jump from both Beaufort and Cirencester polo grounds. In 1999, papers reported that William had struck up a friendship with Mark Tomlinson. At four goals, Mark is considered one of the best of the UK's new polo stars. He and his older brother Luke (5 goals) represented England in the March 2001 World Cup Polo tournament (on a team coached by their mother Claire). The Tomlinsons run the Beaufort Polo Club.

It was also reported that William had become friends with James Meade, the son of international show jumper Richard Meade. James not only attended Eton with William, but he rides at--you guessed it--Beaufort. James's sister Lucy also runs at Beaufort.

Recent sightings have been made of Lizzie Ward and Emma Lippiat with the princes at a couple polo matches. Both live near Highgrove. Emma was most likely introduced to the princes through Lucy Meade. Emma and Lucy have ridden together. They both belong to the same pony club (that'd be Beaufort) and just last year competed on the same team for the club.

Archival source:

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