Friday, May 10, 2019

Wayback The Duke of Cambridge

 Sculls at Eton

Skiing at Whistler during that March 1998 official visit he undertook to Canada with Dad & Harry

Eton High Street, 1996

Niagara Falls

 Marbella, Spain, summer 1994

Whitewater rafting, summer 1995, just before William enrolled at Eton

American West holidays (they made a couple of visits out there, i.e. Colorado and Montana; in Colorado, it was to Snowmass, and Montana was a dude ranch)

This was him and his mum leaving the hospital after that horrible incident when he was bashed in the skull with a golf club. Some kid at his school swung a bit too carelessly and, well... William has the scar today to prove it. 

 Flowers for his honey? Or mummy? 

William enjoys the Tetbury Fair, near dad's Highgrove estate

William and his friend Nicholas Knatchbull at the F1 races at Silverstone

 William helps his cousin Princess Eugenie make steps in the snow to pose for photographs. This was the first time William led the press call in Klosters, something his brother and father would do as a favor to the press during their annual skiing holidays. This time, in early 1995, William was the "adult" at the press call, his father not taking part for a change. He and Harry and their "York" cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie, did the honors to appease the press. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

People born at Windsor Castle

  1. Queen Margaret, consort to King Alexander III of Scotland (born 1240)
  2. King Edward III of England (born 1312)
  3. Mary of York, second child of King Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville (born 1467)
  4. George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Bedford (born 1477)
  5. George Lee, third Earl of Lichfield (born 1718)
  6. Prince Alfred, 14th child of King George III and Queen Charlotte (born 1780)
  7. Princess Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven (maternal grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, born 1863)
  8. Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein (grandchild of Queen Victoria, born 1867)
  9. Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (another grandchild of Queen Victoria, née Alice of Albany, born 1883)
  10. Princess Andrew of Greece (née Alice of Battenberg, mother to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, born 1885)
Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (born 2019)

It has been suggested that he might have been born at Windsor Castle, but it has also been forwarded that his birthplace is actually either his parents' house, nearby Frogmore Cottage, or a hospital in London. The Telegraph has printed that while it was "initially believed" that he had been born at his parents' house, "it later emerged that Meghan may have been whisked to a private hospital."[X]

So much secrecy about a birthplace after the fact, when there's no danger of anyone's privacy being invaded! My my! Tales of whisking away and smuggling in! 

Lucky for them, the old practice of the government Home Secretary "inspecting" the royal baby (to ensure there was no funny imposter business underfoot) was abolished by Harry's great-grandfather, King George VI!

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Was the Baby Sussex born at Windsor Castle?

Windsor is where Prince Harry announced the birth. Windsor is where the well-wishing crowds formed to celebrate the birth.

If it is the case that Harry's son has been born at Windsor Castle, it sets him apart, at the get-go, from the other great-grandchildren as well as the grandchildren, even his own father, of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. It puts him in a class with his grandfather Prince Charles, who was born at Buckingham Palace. It puts him even more in league with his great-great-grandmother, Prince Philip's mother; she was born at Windsor Castle too!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Pierre Casiraghi through the years (up through 2014)

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Basic Information

Full name: Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi
Birth date: 5 September 1987
Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas (just kidding) Monaco of course
Secondary education: Exactly the same as his sister Charlotte (Lycée François Couperin, Fontainebleau)
University: Bocconi in Milan, where, contrary to popular belief, he was not a dropout. He finished a semester early (in 2008) because he had transferred coursework from a school in Paris. Also contrary to popular belief, he did not meet Beatrice Borromeo his future wife at the university. Although by coincidence she was also a Bocconi student, they actually set eyes on each other for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival. It was love at first sight for him. He knew instantly that she was his ‘one and only.’ As for Beatrice, despite failing to be instantly in love, she was in due course ready to match Pierre’s passion, kiss by kiss! How do I know this? Why, Beatrice’s own words! Read them for yourself!
Career: Business. Construction. And a VIP helicopter transport company called Monacair that his father founded in 1988. But I feel like it would be unjust to not include here Team Malizia. Some writers might call it a hobby. I don’t feel comfortable calling Team Malizia Pierre’s hobby. Sure it’s fun, adventurous and exhilarating. It’s also demanding and all-consuming and, just, damn hard work! As if two companies and a record-busting “foiling” team, of which he is Skipper, were not enough to juggle, Pierre is also a husband and father.
Wife: Beatrice Borromeo, who would have been famous even without her modeling and journalistic credentials. Because the name Borromeo speaks as much to the Italian ear as Rockefeller to the American ear. The Borromeo family are the ruling class of the ruling class. They are the kings among the giants. I mean, for one thing, they own five islands in Lago Maggiore and the term “Borromean rings” stems from the “rings” in their coat of arms. But yeah, in addition to that, Beatrice is an alum of Columbia “J School” with bylines in the Daily Beast and Il Fatto Quotidiano. She has also worked, as director/writer/narrator, on five documentaries and if you type her name in a search on YouTube you can watch her rant and rave in Italian about Berlusconi’s sex scandals and Bunga Bunga.
Son: Stefano Ercole Carlo. Stefano is for Pierre’s dad, obviously. Carlo is a dual tribute: to Pierre’s paternal grandfather and Beatrice’s father, Carlo Ferdinando Borromeo, the Count of Arona. Ercole is for … well… Ercole… Hercule… Hercules for the Romans! Heracles for the Greeks! Defender of ports! Naturally, the son of Pierre is going to have at least one name with nautical associations!
Another son: Francesco Casiraghi, named in honor of the soldier-in-disguise-as-a-monk Francesco Grimaldi, "Il Malizia" (the Cunning) who wielded sword while dressed as a monk to take the Rock of Monaco back for his family, and who inspired the name of Pierre's sailing team.
Funny things:
  1. Zimbio calls him “Prince Pierre Casiraghi” and has several pictures of him labeled “Andrea Casiraghi.”
  2. A paparazzo in 2007 took photos of the backseat of his VW Golf while it was parked and unattended in Milan. The photos showed to the world his parachuting certificate and saxophone; it was proof that the saxophone is not merely a childhood phase!
  3. In the university years, it wasn’t unheard of that Pierre would wear a wig out in public.
Interesting Things:
  1. He has a knack for busting records, something he does almost every time he sails. Maybe he inherited this knack from his father, who died defending his World Offshore title; actually, one of his first races, on Lake Como in 1984, Stefano broke the record for speed!
  2. In September 2010, he did this thing, the GR20, in Corsica with three guys from other nations (Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland) and he was of course representing Monaco. They hiked from Calenzana in the mountains of Corsica and planted their four-nation flag in the ground at the endpoint, at Vizzavona. It was supposed to take seven days, but Team Pierre did it in five!

Direct links to pictures

Going wayback

October 2002, Fontainebleau “Stars Race” -


Attending the IAAF World Championships in Helsinki (he accompanied Prince Albert)

At a driving school in Monza


Red Cross Ball, 4 August:
23r5lhy.jpg (dancing with cousin Mélanie-Antoinette de Massy)

Partying at an Italian festival with Olympia Scarry:


At the Hotel Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes
Charlotte was there too:
As well Vanina Mandelli & Eugenie Niarchos:

With Stavros Niarchos III @ the Monaco Grand Prix

Training for 2 weeks with the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince de Monaco


Out and about with his new girlfriend (future wife)
Channeling Old Hollywood


Pierre’s cool wheels
Annual Charity Christmas Swim for TATSA
In a tuxedo, with Beatrice Borromeo and Gaia Repossi
Just out and about in Milan


With Charlotte and her then-boyfriend Alex Dellal:
In the background, behind Andreas Sabrier and JT Besins
The miraculous conception! (with Margherita Maccapani Missoni)
It was a baby shower for Vanina Mandelli in the garden of Clos Saint Pierre, Monaco
Vanina and Pierre:
A date with Beatrice in Rome:


New Year holidays in Punta del Este:

Watching the circus in Monaco, from the palace
It was Beatrice’s first Monaco circus: 2lc8sv7.jpg
1ze8ky0.jpg (with aunt Stephanie and uncle Marco Casiraghi)
Front row: 2m5l4xd.jpg




Beatrice Borromeo